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About me

I'm a Green Bay, WI photographer, that has been photographing kids, families, seniors, weddings, and engagements for years, in fact, I still do, but I wanted a special space for my boudoir photography.


 I have always loved uplifting woman, and showing them how beautiful they are. Stepping into boudoir photography was an obvious step, that I haven't taken lightly.  I took a year to research, train and offer the best possible experience to all my clients.

So why choose me? Boudoir is about empowering, elevating, and lifting women.  It's not meant to be a thing of shame.  It's not meant to be done just for a significant other. It's meant to be done for YOU!  This is for YOU. This is about lifting YOU up and seeing, maybe for the first time yourself through someone else's eyes.


What can you expect? Well nerves at first, but I hope they melt away. I can tell you, that I've experienced first hand the nerves. I've experienced the doubts. I've experienced the negative body talk. I've experienced it all. I'm here to calm those nerves and talk you through step-by-step on how to pose to accent YOUR body. Not anybody else, it's about you and what works best for YOU!



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